About Face: Quiltlet

I had no plan. But I felt the urge to work with the Ultraviolet cloth I had dyed. I thought maybe flowers, but current events brought me to people. I backed two pieces, one light, one dark, and cut the middle shade to fit a batting scrap. The phrase, "About Face" came to mind. Scissors in hand, I cut through the light and dark cloth together, so they would have twin faces. Drawing with scissors this way was familiar to me. The shapes felt natural, part of my artmaking from deep down. I stitched them down by hand, then trapped them further with variegated thread and machine quilting, letting some parts stay loose.

The title is embroidered at the bottom so you know which way is up. 
The quiltlet is so small I felt it was better than the binding matched the background.

About Face
19"w x 22"h
hand-dyed cotton; 
hand stitching with cotton sashiko thread, 
and machine quilting with variegated thread