Burn Zone: New Art Quilt

Through all the dyeing, begun nearly a year ago and continued intermittently over the summer, I seem to have built up a nice color library. To it I turned for inspiration for the next quilt. I had a Brazil Nut tie-dye piece I'd been saving. It came out looking like tree rings to me (although others will say otherwise), so I started with that, still in the midst of those smoky fiery days when we had to seal ourselves indoors. In the middle of the pandemic, California forests and homes were burning.

The title is also the title of a short poem I wrote during the last terrible fires, which was published in December 2018 in The Pedestal Magazine. You can read it and/or listen to me read it here: The Burn Zone.

Burn Zone

29"w x 42"h (74 cm x 107 cm)
Hand-dyed cotton, velvet, linen, silk organza; commercially printed cotton; woven cotton; hand and machine quilted with cotton, silk, and polyester threads

Details: pole-dyed shibori "flames," machine quilted; tie-dyed moss green; commercially printed batik cloth; woven Japanese cloth; moss green dyed cotton velvet, and others.

More details: silk stitching on silk organza (scrap from There Goes the Neighborhood"; variegated red and black thread machine stitched; pink/red velvet square.


Maja said…
As a former quilter and now a book artist, I am moved by your small quilts using scraps and hand dyed fabrics. You capture the essence of the story you are telling so well, and adding words gives them so much more meaning. Thank you for sharing them.
Alisa said…
Thank you, Maja. I very much appreciate your writing and your kind words.