Art Quilt: The Hidden Osprey

Continuing with the idea of 36 hidden animals, like the 36 righteous people hidden in the world, this third quilt in the "hidden" series features an Osprey. Well, not just any Osprey. She is based on a photo of Rosie, the returning mom of the whirley crane nest in Richmond, California; she's sitting on the railing next to the nest, one of her habitual spots. If all goes well, she will migrate and return to the nest by the end of February, early March and start the life cycle process over again with her mate Richmond. The web camera was installed by Golden Gate Audubon Society in 2017, and you can see it and the lovely San Francisco Bay view at This will be my fifth season watching, and I am quite fond of the pair. Watching them has brought me a new appreciation of the natural world, new friends, and a flurry of art inspiration. At some point, there will be a video, too.

The Hidden Osprey (Rosie)
25" x 44" (63.5 cm x 112 cm)
hand-dyed cotton, woven and other cotton fabric (ice-dyed binding)
hand-quilted with silk thread in a "fish scale" pattern variation


Once again, she is easier to see from a distance, reminding us of larger views, wider perspectives.


Liz A said…
she is so finely wrought ... but then, you know how I feel about osprey
Alisa said…
Thanks, Liz A! Osprey season will be upon us very soon!