Art Quilt: Just Embrace the Pink (twin)

With two quilt siblings in between, here now is the twin of Embrace the Pink. In English we call twins either "identical" or "fraternal," but this felt more like the un-identical sister. Fraternal. Maternal. Paternal. The feminine must be, and is, Sororal. But have we ever heard it used? Curious. 

I thought the pair might be Embrace the Pink I and II, but I'm wary of giving numbered titles, since it subconsciously implies to me that one must be first or better than the other, one derivative, or that you must have both to be complete. In any case, this is the sororal (autocorrect wants this to be "sorrel," and although botanically inspired, that is not the plant it is), twin of Embrace the Pink, with a twist. An independent being. Just Embrace the Pink.

Just Embrace the Pink
18.5"w x 33.5"h (47 cm x 85 cm)
Hand-dyed cotton, velvet, woven cotton; cotton embroidery and sashiko thread; seed beads; hand and machine quilted

Details, details.
A lightly embellished sashiko stitch.

Machine stitching.

She wanted beads.

Hand stitching, beads, machine stitching.

Some cousins in the wild, one with the bright pink and orangey overtones.


Mini Roses


A green quilt is currently on deck for the coming weeks.
Can't. Stop. Sewing.
Or, should I say, the quilts are self-sowing?


Maja said…
You have made my least favorite color sing!

Alisa said…
Thanks, Maja! It's not high on my list, either, so an interesting challenge, for sure.