Video: Crows at Home

I remember when the crows came to my neighborhood. It was 2008 or so (addendum: 2006). I know because I made a book in 2008 about a conversation I had with some neighbors called Crows at Home. I've always liked crows, and made a quilt about them, Crows and Cons, another conversation, with someone who doesn't like them at all. When they arrived here, the crows landed on a neighbor's roof, all in a mass. And, it seems, they have moved in for good. Good! We see them down by the bay as well; there is food there, too.

I invented this structure, called the Winged Book, as I sat folding paper, trying to come up with a hexagonal shape, but got this instead. Its possibilities became very clear once I saw the wings and how they could either glue together or, in this case, be sewn with separate pamphlet stitches. Instructions are in Making Handmade Books: 100+ Bindings, Structures & Forms on pages 69-71, and in some of the other books as the "Check Book," because it was exactly the size of my check book. A what?

Letterpress printed from hand set metal type and photopolymer plates. Painted paper, and handmade crow's feet (wire wrapped with waxed linen thread)!

Crows at Home

This intro thumbnail photo was taken by Sibila Savage.

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