Little Free Tiny Art Gallery

 The Little Free Library movement, has been growing and moving since I last wrote about it here in 2012, and checked back in here in 2013, and 2014 here and here. In my area there is a Little Free Library in nearly every block now, sometimes more than one. In May of 2021, an article in the San Francisco Chronicle alerted me to a new offshoot: a Little Free Tiny Art Gallery within walking distance of my house.

Note the paintbrush handle.

It is the collaboration of Susie Wallenstein and NoĆ©mie Hansen. 
I visited first in May 2021 and was excited by the tiny art and gallery goers.

I did admire the pumpkin, particularly, and the starry night. And the brightly colored tape purse and and and.

I couldn't bring myself to take anything, but I suspected I would be back with something to add and would maybe do an exchange then. I didn't seem to get around to it.

Then a friend alerted me to this.
Their first juried show, "The Pandemic: What's It to You?"

I could not resist.

What was the pandemic to me?

It was not easy, but I made a tiny quilt, 1.5 inches square: pinwheel piecing, stenciled hummingbird profile, embroidered word: Stillness.

In July I dropped it off and peered inside the gallery to see what it featured in the meantime.

Gigi the cat, a new onlooker, for one. A curious metal rainbow on the ledge.

In August, the artists were announced. Some friends and I went to the opening. A nice group gathered, many had never been there before, some were just walking by and stopped. I like how art can bring people together.

Showtime, folks! You can see how tiny my quilt is. Looks like it would be a bench cushion for that gallery goer guy. (When you were a kid did you ever make a "sit-upon" in Brownies or Girl Scouts? I think I made one from faux leather and learned the blanket stitch.) In the upper right is an amusing drawing of a Zoom call with birds. Lots of fun stuff.

The show is up until August 20, and then it's back to regular give and take. The Little Free Tiny Art Gallery is at 1342 Hopkins at Ordway in Berkeley, CA. Open 24 hours.