Art Quilt: Catching Up

After my September art quilt exhibit (see video!) at Piedmont Center for the Arts, I was given a multitude of colorful thread and a 1963 Singer sewing machine that belonged to the coordinator's late life-partner. In thanks, to get to know the machine, and to honor her memory, I made a small quilt for him. Before I deinstalled the show I casually asked which quilts stood out to him. He pointed to Spike Spike Bloom and It's Not Easy, and had mentioned that he liked Aquila because he liked watching birds soar above trees near his house. With these in mind, the Singer and I created Catching Up, a nod to raptors catching the updrafts as well as our to-do lists and the tasks we do daily.

Catching Up
19.25w x 20.5h (49 cm x 52 cm)
Solar printing; woven cotton, muslin-backed silk; appliqué; hand and machine quilted

I happened to have a muslin-backed silk eagle leftover from the Aquila quilt.

The Jacquard SolarFast dyes for solar printing: the yellow/brown is "Sepia"; purple/light purple is "Purple"; brown/tan is "Brown." I make negatives by running transparency sheets through my regular laser printer, but I have to double them up (stack two) to get a clean print. For reference, I get the dyes from Dharma Trading here. Blick also has them here. Instructions in my blog post from 2017 here.

And, for those who like to look, the back:

The Singer "Touch and Sew" is an interesting machine and has a wind-in-place bobbin. Who knew?