Art Quilt: Climb into the Sky

 Tree branches have caught me up and won't let go. Am I a kite? Continuing with my interest in bare trees against the blue sky comes the latest art quilt, Climb into the Sky. The brown cotton was hand-dyed in Brazil Nut; the periwinkle cotton velvet is a combination of the colors Indigo and Periwinkle. The colors are Procion dyes, available at the family-run company, Dharma Trading; the cotton velvet (short pile, easy to sew and drinks up the dye nicely) available there as well. The side panels are overdyed: brazil nut brown over another version of periwinkle/indigo.

Climb into the Sky
35.25"w x 45.75"h (89.5 cm x 116.3 cm)
Hand-dyed cotton and velvet; woven taupe cotton; tie-dye and overdye; hand quilted with metallic and cotton embroidery threads and hand-dyed perle cotton thread


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