Art Quilt: Rainbow Roll

In printing when you put one color at either end of a rubber roller and roll out the colors, the colors eventually blend where they touch, sometimes making it hard to distinguish the boundaries. We call this a "rainbow roll." This quilt, Rainbow Roll, was inspired by the upcoming SAQA exhibition, Prism Play, which will open at Peninsula Museum of Art in the Tanforan Mall in San Bruno (by the SF airport). In that show 62 art quilts will hang side by side to form a rainbow or prism of the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. I'm looking forward to seeing how they blend. The Hidden Coot was accepted to this show. I hope to post photos when the show opens in late May.

Meanwhile. Boundaries and blends. Deal breakers and compromises. A reminder that people hung rainbows in their windows at the beginning of the Pandemic. I decided to embrace the rainbow and quilt it with metallic gold thread. I had scraps of all the colors except orange, which I dyed especially for this piece.

Rainbow Roll
21"w x 83"h
Variety of hand-dyed and commercially printed cotton, flannel, velvet, and silk; machine quilted with metallic gold thread


Red Violet / Red

Red Orange / Orange

Orange Yellow / Yellow / Yellow Green

Yellow Green / Green / Green Blue

Blue / Blue Violet / Violet

A quilt or a table runner? Many scraps from previous quilts and homemade face coverings in there, working together.


Bea said…
Liz A said…
goodness ... I just reorganized several baskets of loose scraps, putting them in rough order by color ... now you've inspired me with a possible use for them
Alisa said…
Liz A, it's so satisfying to sort them and see them that way, isn't it?