Little Colorful Book Sculptures

Ever since I saw the 2017 textile show at Cooper Hewitt Museum called Scraps (a little blog post where I mentioned it is here), I have been interested in using up my offcuts from bookmaking and quilting. I've made small art quilts, and I made some wabi sabi eggs (in a post), which I offer as Enchanted Egg Pin Cushions. Recently I made some Thread Collages, and I am now following up with Little Colorful Book Sculptures in black, green, blue, pink, and purple

Each archival book board is wrapped with my hand-dyed or painted fabric and embellished with stenciled imagery or stitching. I've painted the raw edges in metallic gold or silver or copper. Sewn together with waxed linen thread in a Coptic binding to make a colorful, sculptural book.

I hadn't been planning on making any more books. But it seems I have done so. They are unique, cannot be duplicated, and very likely the only books I will make this year. Currently available at nevermindtheart. Each has a little video to go with the little book. Sizes are under 3" x 4" x 1 1/2"d.






More details: