New Animal & Bird Spoonflower Designs for Fabric (and eyeglass cases)

I got a coupon for free shipping from Spoonflower, which prompted me to think about creating some new designs. It turns out that shipping is very cheap (1.50 or 3.00 for samples or fat quarters), but after painting the little wood blocks with animals, I realized I had some designs ready to go for my shop, everbird.

Making designs for Spoonflower can be addictive. If you want to sell the designs, you do have to order a proof (a sample is $5, so essentially that's what it costs to put it in your shop). There is no fee for listings otherwise. I started doing this in 2019; you can see my blog post here. At that time, they offered wrapping paper, which is what I was interested in, but that has been discontinued, with sticker wallpaper, which can mean stickers, as the next new thing.

This time I've got puppies, and more birds: penguins, puffins, and crows, backyard birds, and a not-bird: our year of the bunny, bunny. The latest batch was printed on their "Signature Petal Cotton."

I've made a couple skirts, one from Quail Hop, and the other from Heart Owl Maroon printed on Organic Cotton Knit and some scarves with Sweet Magnolia and Hummingbird Visit on Chiffon, and some blankets with Skunk Meetup and Bluegoose on fleece, and used Vintage Tickets on cotton in the quilt Admission. Note that the back is always white; it is just printed on one side.

heart owl maroon

sweet magnolia

I'm a little restless at present, so watch for eyeglass cases made from my designs at nevermindtheart. Or ask me about these, shown below, if you don't see them there. My design is on the outside, with hand-dyed scraps or commercially printed scraps on the inside. They are cotton, lightweight, slightly padded, washable, and just meant to protect from scratches. Like little sleeping bags for your readers.  I'm putting one in my purse, one by my bed, one to travel with, and I'm giving a few away.

The designs are available on a variety of fabrics from everbird on Spoonflower.
While you are there, you might check out my friend Dianne's designs at textilestudio.

Cases now available (01.23.23) at this direct link at nevermindtheart