Ospreys at the Whirley Crane Nest: Season III

It's amazing that the birds know how to get back to the nest here in Richmond, California. I've been watching this nest camera since 2017, so I've come to know and love the key players: Richmond is the male, and Rosie is the female. Richmond overwinters here, perhaps keeping guard on his property, or perhaps he just likes the food. Rosie migrates, likely to South America, and returns around the beginning of March. This year she came back the end of February, and now the Chat group is fortified and ready for Season III of The Richmond and Rosie Show at www.sfbayospreys.org.

Look for eggs the end of March and for chicks the beginning of May. If all goes well, watch the chicks fledge the beginning of July. Meanwhile, watch the courtship, the fish gifting, and the nestorating, or the rebuilding and decorating of the big old stick nest. The nest is located on top of the whirley crane next to the SS Red Oak Victory Ship, where they have tours, let you wander, or join a pancake breakfast, and Rigger's Loft, where they have a big screen set up to watch while you sip wine by the bay.

screenshot from the nest camera

on site

on site

Come on over! The Live Chat group welcomes you.

These birds were the inspiration for my quilts made in winter, 2017:

and my large linocut, printed via steamroller:

and a guest blog post at Golden Gate Audubon Society: