New Japanese-patterned Coptic Journals on Etsy

My yearlong project of "Birds of the Bible" is complete. My exhibit of the work is installed at Seager/Gray Gallery. While I do have thirteen more slipcases to cover for Raven, I also needed to play a little. In the studio, after straightening up, a package of origami "fabric paper" caught my eye. Interesting stuff, felt almost like book cloth. I'd make some journals with it. It handled well. I particularly liked the suggestion on the package, "Please do not treat origami or finished work carelessly." These journals were handmade with care, and now available for you at nevermindtheart.

I was drawn to the paper, I know, because they were partly fabric, plus they have traditional patterns on them that are also used in sashiko embroidery, a style I've been drawn to for many years.

From left to right: star/hemp leaf; checkered or paving stones; cherry blossoms; waves.

Each journal is bound with the paired needle Coptic stitch,  3 1/2" x 5", perfect for a pocket or purse or backpack. To make the pattern on the spine, each signature is covered with a strip of the paper. Inside I included a patterned letterpress print from one of my artist books or quilts. More pictures at nevermindtheart.

Addendum 10.2.19: star/hemp leaf SOLD