Matches Are Made of Trees: a Quiltlet

I use matches once a week so it takes quite a bit of time before I use up a little box. This past Friday was the start of a new box, and the matches surprised me with their green tips instead of the usual red ones. To match the green tips (pun unintended, but acceptable), the label on the box says, "Greenlight: includes wood from responsibly managed forests." All I could think of was, Matches are made from trees. Of course they are, but it seems both ironic and perverse, during this California fire season, that it should be so, that the destruction can potentially come from within. Rather parallel to what we are doing to the world and to each other at the moment. Humanmade, in any case.

It also reminded me of the architectural designs of Lebbeus Woods, about whom I posted in 2013 here. Incorporating the design of its own destruction.

I've only got scraps of batting left, but that was okay. This would be a quiltlet. The shape of a match lends itself easily to a pieced quilt. I let the pieces grow together without trimming until it seemed to be enough (see last photo for the in-progress image). 

I knew there would be a little matchbox area. A quilt is made of threads, so there was the link: the matchbox patch is a sandwich of linen, threads from the thread jar, and silk organza. The hand-dyed red velvet fills it out. 

The binding decided it would be silk organza as well. I dreaded trying to iron and sew it, but I needn't have; it sewed just fine.

A weekend quiltlet. It is quite small. It joins the other fire quilts and quiltlets (links to each): The Plague. The Fire. The Fall; Breaking Day;  Burn ZoneBig Fires Start Small; and Rough Patch.

Matches Are Made of Trees
9.75" x 20.5" (24 cm x 51 cm)
Hand-dyed cotton, linen, and velvet; woven cotton, silk organza
hand quilted with silk thread

When it was in progress, it wasn't interesting enough for me. I just had to both proceed and to wait.


Lynn in Tucson said…
As an exiled Californian (from Sonoma County), this series really resonates with me. Thank you for sharing.
Alisa said…
Thanks for writing, Lynn.