Art Quilt: The Hidden Dog

Continuing the series of the Hidden Animals, the next art quilt is The Hidden Dog. As mentioned in previous posts: in Jewish mysticism there is a story of thirty-six righteous people in the world, hidden from themselves and from us, not to be known, prompting us to treat ourselves and one another as if they/we might be one. Starting with the Hidden Owl, I wondered if there could be thirty-six hidden animals for us to respect and steward, and am continuing to add to the series, which now includes Hidden Cat and Hidden Osprey; Dog makes four. I am taking my time, and there are and have been other projects in between.

I am currently working with some new constraints: one color gradations/hues/tints/shades (in this case Blue Violet), and the size, which has 15 squares across and 48 down, adding up to 720 total squares, or 40 Chai (40 x the auspicious number of 18, "life.")

I know this dog. She is very smart and very sweet.

The Hidden Dog
15" x 45" (38 cm x 114.5 cm)
hand-dyed cotton, velvet; letterpress printed poem; seed beads; embroidery; hand quilted; hand-dyed silk and silk organza binding

She is definitely hidden.
You might be able to see her better smaller. 
Hint: She's up on her hind legs with her paws on the open window frame, tail wagging to the left.

Details, details

seed beads, letterpress printing, velvet
Almost all the squares are hand dyed in a combination of what Dharma calls "Ultraviolet" and "Periwinkle" and "Raven Black," which often comes out a midnight blue. Some overdyed cotton was made and given to me by Velma.

hand-embroidered chain stitch

The poem:

In the waiting room
living and re
living the same
hopeful moment

The embroidery:

living & reliving

I've been thinking about the idea that both worrying and anticipating means you live through something twice. One seems more useful than the other.


Clare said…
Is this beautiful work for sale?
Alisa said…
Thanks for your interest! It will be. I've committed to entering it in a show, so I need to wait and see before I let it go. (Probably in the low four-figures.)